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Recent blog posts

Common Sense SLA [VIDEO]

Posted by on in Tech Articles

SLA's (or Service Level Agreements) serve as guidelines when you enter into a support contract with a company. They provide the expectations that you, as the customer, should have when you contact them for service. But at Network Depot, we don't believe in the typical SLA guidelines that most IT support companies use. Instead, we use what we like to call "Common Sense SLA", which is really based off of one very important measurement (the most important, in our opinion)- customer happiness.

To learn more about how Common Sense SLA works, check out this brief, under 2-minute video.



For more details about how SLA response times work, check out this blog post: SLA Response Times- and Why Network Depot Doesn't Have Them. 

What do you think about Common Sense SLA vs. regular SLA guidelines? Which one would you prefer? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Why The Google Docs Phishing Scam Was So ScaryOver the past few days you have probably heard about this new phishing scam that surfaced, which tricked people into entering their Google login information on a fake Google docs sign-in page. If not, here are a couple great articles from The Huffington Post and Gizmodo that really help explain the scam.

This scam was a tricky one because of how difficult it was to identify. A person would receive an email with the subject line of "Documents". When they opened it up they were given a link to click on which took them to a page to login to their Google Drive account. 

Google has recently released a statement saying that they have taken care of this scam and removed the fake pages, but that if users are worried that they may have fallen victim to the scam they should immediately change their password.

The tricky thing about this scam is how much the fake login page looked like the real one. In fact, if you were to put the two side-by-side, it is almost impossible to tell the two of them apart. The scammers were able to do this because they were actually using Google's servers. They signed up on Google, and created a real folder with a document on their Google Drive account. Then, by marking this document as "public", and using the preview feature, they were able to get a URL they could send out in an email.

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The Psychology of a Computer Virus

Posted by on in Tech Articles

The Psychology of a Computer Virus"How did I get a virus on my computer? Shouldn't my antivirus software have stopped that?"

Antivirus software is not a guarantee against getting viruses. It can't stop user error, or bad browsing habits. We have a simple saying at Network Depot when it comes to viruses: "The best defense against a virus is an educated user."

We have a number of blog posts that explain how viruses can get on your computer, including "Is It Possible To Keep My Computer Virus-Free?", "Here's a Quick Way to Get Rid of a Virus", and "When Don't I Need to Worry About a Virus?" 

We also have an entire e-book that you can download for free that explains how to be a safer and smarter internet user to help prevent viruses: "Surf Smart: How To Protect Yourself From Common Computer Infections on the Web."

To really be smarter about your browsing habits though, it is important to understand how hackers trick you in the first place. Hackers exploit three human psychological weaknesses to deploy viruses, adware, and malware. These are: Greed, Curiosity, and Fear.

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Why A Firewall Is Important For Your Business [VIDEO]

Posted by on in Videos

One question that our sales team asks every time they go on a meeting with a new prospect is, "Do you have a firewall?"

More often than not, the response is something along the lines of- "No...we didn't really think we needed one."

That way of thinking can be dangerous for your business. 

Firewalls are very important. They perform many different functions that help protect your network and data, both from external and internal threats. Without one, your system is much more vulnerable. To read more details about firewalls, check out this blog post, Firewall 101: What It Is, What It Does, Why You Need It.

We've also put together this short little video that explains what a content filtering firewall does and how it can help protect your company's network. Check it out!


To see more great videos like this, check out the Videos section of our website.

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Why Training is Important for Everyone

Posted by on in Best Practices

calendar iconTechnology is moving at an incredibly fast pace. These days, just when we get used to one thing, something newer, better, faster, and easier comes along. At the heart of all this innovation and technological advancements is a single goal- to make our lives better through the use of technology.

The issue we encounter though, is that all of this technology builds on each other. So, if you don't keep up with it, it will be impossible to be able to use all these new innovations to their full potential. It would be like trying to write in cursive if you haven't even learned your A B C's. 

That's why training is so important. By keeping up with at least a basic level of understanding of the programs and software that are important to your job and your industry, you will really be able to use technology the way it was meant to be used.

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