Happy Halloween 2019! 20 Spooky Cybersecurity Statistics

As you start to look forward to carving your pumpkin, passing out candy, and bobbing for apples this Halloween, it seems like an appropriate time to take a look at some truly spooky cybersecurity statistics. Before you pull on your latest Baby Shark or Stranger Things costume, try giving yourself a good scare with these terrifying cybersecurity statistics and predictions.

We prepare a similar blog post every year, and the worst part is that the cybersecurity threat only seems to get bigger and costlier to small companies. In case your company is still deliberating over making a substantial investment in time and money in your cybersecurity measures, we recommend you take a closer look at this scary information taken from recent surveys by Juniper Research, Smallbiztrends, Black Hat USA, IronNet, nCipher Security, Innovate MR, the FBI, and Tripwire.

  1. 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. This percentage will only continue to increase as bigger companies invest in more effective cybersecurity measures.

  2. There is a cyberattack every 39 seconds.

  3. The estimated cost of cybercrime for 2019 will be more than $2 trillion.

  4. The average cost of one breach of a small to medium-sized business is $117,000.

  5. When adding up all the breaches since 2013, there have been an average of 4 million files stolen every day, which equals 158,727 every hour, 2,645 per minute, or 44 per second.

  6. 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a successful cyberattack.

  7. 90% of security professionals believe their own personal data is at risk.

  8. 97% of financial services professionals are seriously concerned about third party risk to their sensitive information.

  9. 4,800 websites per month are infected with formjacking malware that is designed to steal sensitive personal and financial information from web forms.

  10. 80% of cybersecurity professionals found it more difficult in 2019 to find employees with security skills.

  11. The average hacker stays concealed on a network for 170 days.

  12. 75% of the healthcare industry has been infected with malware in the last year.

  13. 21% of web traffic carries malware.

  14. 34% of breaches last year involved a company insider.

  15. Only 10% of cybercrimes are reported in the US each year.

  16. The cybersecurity industry is estimated to be a $300 billion a year industry in 2024, and this is considered a conservative figure.

  17. One out of every 300 emails to public organizations is malicious.

  18. Without proper protection, the average IoT device can be hacked within 5 minutes.

  19. 78% of surveyed organizations reported that they were affected by a cyberattack in the last year.

  20. 75% of companies surveyed said that their IT security team is unable to respond to a cyberattack within one day.

In previous blogs, we have detailed many concrete steps your company can take to protect yourself against cyber-attacks.

Our most important piece of advice remains the same: Consult with an IT Support partner, such as Network Depot, to make sure your small business is well protected against cyberattack!

Now that you’ve had a chance to examine these depressing statistics, we completely understand your need to seek some temporary stress relief. Go ahead: try on your stylish costume and enjoy some mouthwatering Halloween candy. It can’t hurt to give it a try!

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