Dentist IT Support Services

Dentist IT Support Services

Operating a dental practice in today’s modern world requires a certain level of technology in order to stay successful and competitive. From the basic software used to keep track of patient files and data, on up to the specialized equipment and programs that are inherent to dentistry in specific, have all come a long way in recent years to provide a large amount of additional capabilities not seen in times past.

With this increase in technology comes the need for experts who can support it. Most dental offices do not have a full time IT staff available for support and service, making the prospect of outsourcing these positions one that is eminently attractive. Network Depot has extensive experience dealing with dentists and their practices, and is well suited to offer quality and effective support for a fixed flat fee.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Whether you operate one small dental practice, or multiple office locations, the benefits of outsourcing your IT needs to Network Depot are undeniable. Network Depot’s passel of accomplished consultants are highly trained and experienced in dealing with virtually any dental IT-related scenario you could possibly imagine. We differ from many support organizations in that the concept of the flat fee rests at the very core of our operating philosophy. We believe you should be able to predict your IT budget to an exacting degree, all while still enjoying the fact that we will be ready to assist you 24/7/365.

Dentist IT Support Services

Understanding just how much of an advantage you will gain from using Network Depot’s services starts by understanding what each service entails, as related to the field of dentistry. Following are some of the chief areas our services can make the most difference in a dental office.

Backup and Data Recovery

As with virtually every other type of business operating in modern times, the data and information intrinsic to a dental practice is the lifeblood on which it operates. Patient charts, billing information, and all of the other mountains of data that relate to dentistry must be kept safe, redundant, and available for recovery at a moment’s notice.

Network Depot has a strong and reliable approach to data backup and recovery. Our system performs incremental backups every 15 minutes to address any additions or changes that have been made. Just as important is the fact that the device we use, called the Backup/Recovery Device, or BDR, can step in and act as the server itself, in case your equipment malfunctions. This is a seamless transition, making it possible for you to continue operating normally while repairs are completed. We protect your data by backing it up in two separate data centers, one on the East Coast and its counterpart on the West Coast.

Network Security

While it may be difficult to imagine why someone would strive to steal information from a dental office, the risk is definitely still there. Hackers can take a person’s medical information, and wreak mountains of havoc with the detailed and personal information it contains. As such, having a plan for network security is a must.

Network Depot starts this process with the installation of an enterprise-level strength hardware firewall, perfect as a first line of defense against malware and viruses. As hackers can also gain entry to a network when a user visits an unsafe website, safeguards must be in place to keep office employees from accessing them. The OneStepAhead’s Content Filtering Solution that we use gives you exacting control over which websites can be accessed by office personnel, without the annoyance and wasted time that comes from entering each one by hand.

Cloud Services

The cloud exists as one of the biggest boons to become available to small or medium sized businesses in a long time. Owning and operating your own server and tech equipment can be pricey, not just with the initial cost, but also in terms of the manpower needed to maintain it. Cloud servers give you the option to operate just as if you had the resources of a server farm, right at your fingertips. Network Depot will set you up with the most viable cloud solutions for your unique style of business, and help you maintain it properly.

Helpdesk Support

No matter how well everything is operated and set up, issues, both technical and personal, are bound to make their presence known from time to time. In instances like these, having Network Depot’s comprehensive help desk assistance is invaluable, and can turn what seems to be a nightmare into little more than a hiccup. We start this process by installing our remote software on each server and workstation in your office. This allows a technician to dial in to the affected computer and make fixes remotely. This can have you back up and working properly in no time, much less than if you had to have a technician physically visit your office.

Our Onboarding Process

The first 90 days of service from Network Depot are filled with intensive scrutiny of all facets of your IT setup and needs. We have formulated a very effective onboarding process that will identify all aspects of support you may require, vital to the advisement we give you on how to make improvements, and streamline operations overall. This process has proven itself time and again to be the best way to generate the flat-fee budget necessary to address all potential support needs in the most exacting manner possible.

A decision to utilize Network Depot’s support service is a big step in allowing your dental practice to reach its full potential. If you have any specific, IT-related questions, we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience.