IT Support for the Professional Services Sector

Some of the most rapidly growing segments of industry are those that provide professional services to public and private entities. On this page we are referring to those small businesses in the professional services sector that are not already represented by other larger sectors.

While most businesses that fall under the category of professional services are likely no stranger to technology already, the last few years have seen a marked increase in the modernization of many services they offer. This means that while the adoption of IT in general has already occurred, it is mandatory for these companies to continuously seek out new and more effective IT strategies and support.

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IT Support for the Professional Services Sector

According to a recent report generated by the Future Exploration Network, one of the primary drives behind existing businesses’ steady adoption of IT is that “clients will increasingly use technology and automation to obtain the services and information they require.” The article goes on to point out that a comprehensive and secure IT solution will play a pivotal role in which businesses succeed and which do not. This comes from the capability of IT to reinforce the quality of services offered, all while reducing costs that can be passed on to clients and customer.

For the past 20 years, Network Depot has been offering expert IT services and solutions to professional services and organizations in and around the Washington D.C. Metro area. As such, we have accrued an extensive amount of experience dealing with the IT concerns that impact these areas of business specifically. Network Depot can provide your organization with many valuable services, including:

Cloud Services and Dedicated Server Care

One critical IT decision your company has to make is where to store your Email, files, and business applications and how you can most effectively access these functions. Your decision in each case will be one of the following: using a dedicated server, using a cloud solution, or using a hybrid solution.

One of the most effective means to store data safely, all while being able to access it from anywhere with your phone, laptop, or desktop, is the cloud. With the cloud, you gain all of the advantages of a high-powered server farm, without any of the frustrating, technical details and maintenance that go into keeping it running. Network Depot will help you choose the cloud platform that will work best with your unique setup, and provide key assistance in implementing and maintaining it as needed.

Whether you run a large firm or a small one, there are also advantages of having a server in the office, to handle mundane tasks like storing files and awarding permissions as needed. Network Depot understands the importance of this equipment running at peak efficiency, and is available 24/7/365 to make sure all problems are fixed in as short a time as possible.

The following articles explain the pros and cons of each method and will help your company make the decision that works best for your unique needs.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Email-Server vs. Cloud

Files- Server vs. Cloud

Business Applications- Server vs. Cloud

Backup and Continuity

Most professional services deal with a high volume of clients, necessary to keep a continuous flow of revenue coming in. This makes equipment malfunctions and service outages anathema to achieving the height of efficiency and capability necessary for staying competitive. As such, it is crucial for a professional service provider to have a strong IT service provider that can work closely with you to identify potential sources of disruption, and map out a backup and restoration plan in case the unthinkable does happen.

Network Depot understands the most common disasters that can occur in each type of professional service provider, and offers the effective solutions needed to mitigate them.

Data Storage and Software Deployment

Professional service providers most often rely on the data that has been accumulated throughout their existence, as well as the software suites and programs that gather the data. Choices available to those looking to store data and launch software suites are threefold, including a cloud server, one located on site, or a combination of the two. Network Depot can help you identify which of these solutions is right for you, a decision that depends on a number of factors. These include budgetary constraints, how large your business is, and how much scalability the software has in case of future growth.

Network and Data Security

While all modern businesses are subjected to the possibility of at least some degree of hacking, due to the sensitive nature of the data held by a professional service company, they are an even more tantalizing target. Network Depot uses a two-pronged approach to providing the security needed to combat these breaches, which includes the education of employees and the actual protection of the network itself. Employee education includes the development and implementation of internal data protocols, which significantly decrease the possibility of a breach occurring. Protection involves the installation of the tech hardware and software needed to keep unwanted interlopers out of your network.

Out of all the professional service company types out there, those in the medical field have the most risk of being attacked. This is due to the fact that sensitive personal data found in medical records commands a premium when sold on the black market. Healthcare data hacks are on the rise, up 125 percent since 2010, according to the Ponemon Institute. Ransomware attacks, those attacks that block access to data or whole networks until a fee is paid, are also on the rise, and professional service providers are especially prone to them. Network Depot understands the risks you face, and can provide you with the strategy needed to increase the level of your security immensely.

CRM Software

An increasingly essential part of running a professional service organization is customer relationship management (CRM) software. These software suites allow executives to both monitor and improve the performance of the business, in an exceedingly easy and ordered manner. Lexis Nexis, a leader in business reporting, produced a white paper that that outlined the purpose of CRM software as “a business strategy leveraging Relationship Intelligence that enables firms to exceed client needs and expectations as well as revenue and productivity objectives.”

Network Depot has the capacity and experience needed to incorporate CRM software successfully into an existing IT framework, so that it can keep an eye on the performance of the business. We can also provide guidance and instruction on the top methods to deploy CRM software, and the best ways to incorporate it into your unique business plan.

If you need further assistance in understanding the best ways to incorporate a successful IT solution focused solely on the professional service industry, or just have some IT related questions in general, we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Do not let another day go by without reaping the mountains of benefits our services can provide.