Fairfax IT Support Services

Fairfax IT Support ServicesExpert and trustworthy service and support to businesses all throughout Fairfax, VA area has been a primary focus here at Network Depot since our launch in 1991. Each business’ needs are unique, something chief in the mind of our IT gurus as they work side by side with the staff of small to medium businesses to develop the most effective large-scale solutions and procedures. Flat fees, superior customer service and the most proactive solutions dealing with Fairfax IT Support Services are all part of a solid reputation built over the last 20 years.

24/7 Access to IT Experts

The services offered to each of our clients include a connection with a responsive help desk department and a team of IT experts, all ready and willing to supply you with the best solutions available.

Flat-Fee IT Support and Management

At the heart of our service philosophy lies a concentration on flat fees and the avoidance of extra charges for things that happen on a daily basis. At the start of each new client relationship, one or more of our technicians will visit your location, to gain an understanding of what hardware, software, and service needs you may have. This information is translated into a fee structure right for your business. This provides the opportunity for management to take advantage of each of our helpful services, all while keeping a budget they can stick to well within reach. Peace of mind comes from knowing that things that can go wrong are covered under the predetermined flat fee and that no hourly charges are forthcoming.

Effective IT Support Solutions

Taking advantage of the services offered by Network Depot means less downtime, a lot fewer problems and a proactive improvement to your overall operations and results.

Comprehensive IT Support Services

Our expertise in the areas of IT Support and IT Managed Solutions has been instrumental in the development and maintaining of the infrastructure needed to assist clients in performing effectively, all while keeping them secure from any of the likely issues that may crop up in the future. Network Depot’s IT services include:

  • Mobile Office
  • Network Care and Security
  • Product Sales
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Software Licensing and Management
  • Apple Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Computer Hardware Support
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Vendor Relation Management and Support

Mobile Office

Network Depot is proud to possess a team of IT experts well able to help your business determine which mobile platform is best for your needs, as well as get you connected to it. Our technicians are especially adept in supporting virtually any platform out there, including Apple, Android and many more.

Network Care And Security

Each preventative maintenance activity performed in the Network Operations Center (NOC) triggers a detailed configuration and report through our Desktop & User Car module. Examples of important information tracked includes serial numbers, warranties, license expiration, vendor info, comprehensive service responses, and many more.

Product Sales

Network Depot’s department of product sales experts stands ready to help satisfy all of your business’ IT needs and wants. Once an order has been placed for equipment through our sales department, we receive the shipment and perform any setup and pre-installation duties. This will allow you to use the equipment as soon as it is out of the box. Network Depot is a trustworthy reseller of popular brands like:

  • Salesforce
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Quickbooks
  • SonicWall Firewalls (a dell brand)
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Cisco
  • and many more!

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Fairfax IT Support ServicesIn order to guard against any problems or unnatural conditions, we install our monitoring software on each workstation and server once a relationship with a new client begins. Any difficulties trigger a notice that is sent to one of our techs, who then uses the information to investigate the issue further.

Another integral part of this remote software is the login tool, which allows techs to both see what is on the screen of the affected workstation and dig around in the operating system to institute repairs. This means that we have the power to eliminate troublesome threats and errors before they have a chance to develop.

Utilizing a remote maintenance solution is an easy and excellent way to torpedo any possible errors and glitches before they have a chance to become true threats. With new viruses, Trojan horses and associated malware cropping up each day, our remote maintenance solution becomes essential in all maintenance your computer’s network requires.

Software Licensing and Management

One of the unavoidable necessities to using the most up-to-date versions of software is acquiring proper licensing for every employee that will use it. We at Network Depot take on this tedious but necessary task, and make sure your software is current, the licenses are in proper order and they have been implemented correctly.

Apple Support

Our business enjoys the advantages that come with membership in the Apple Consultants Network. This means that support for iPads, iPhones, and other Mac-related hardware fall well within our purview of expertise. Each of our technicians excel at not only solely Mac environments but also those that are mixed Windows and Mac.

Cloud Services

Cloud services, also known as Cloud IT, is a method by which you can bring down setup and management costs, all while increasing the efficacy of your organization overall. The benefits of an expert-operated data center, without costly purchases for setting up and running the network yourself, are clear advantages to using a cloud service.

Computer Hardware Support

An extremely important inclusion in Network Depot’s comprehensive package is the support of computer and network hardware. This inclusion is also structured with a flat-rate policy, which is determined using the hardware in place when our work together begins. If a piece of hardware malfunctions, our knowledgeable technicians can locate the problem posthaste, fix it and provide fallback plans in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Fairfax IT servicesWith all of the different problems that can pop up at a moment’s notice, we help alleviate troublesome worries by keeping all of your mission-critical data and files safely archived, redundant and capable of restoration, no matter what happens. Use of our reliable Backup & Recovery service means that regardless of whether the situation is a simple deletion or a major tragedy, all of your data can be restored as though nothing had happened.


A crucial component in our all-encompassing tech package is Help Desk Support. No matter what types of assistance requests you may have, our on or off-site support service can provide timely and critical help with both the identification and addressing of a variety of technical issues.

IT Consulting

While understanding where you business has been is important for our consultants and techs to understand and take into account, where it is going is equally so. Tech advancements and enhancements can optimize your speed, client experience, productivity, and functionality, all while increasing revenue and growing your business. Automation of certain business practices can also allow you to get more work done, no matter where or when you are.

IT Vendor Relation Management and Support

IT vendor management is a portion of our service that works with different vendors to figure out which ones will present the best solutions for your individual needs, as well as reduce associated expenses. These solutions can range from a brief consultation, on up to comprehensive workups for the overall management of your infrastructure.

Virtual CIO Service

Fairfax IT Support ServicesA useful skill possessed by all of our IT experts is working with clientele to locate the height in efficiency for just about any IT-related scenario. Virtual CIO develops a road map, whose sole target is the increase in profit for your business. This makes Virtual CIO invaluable when it comes time to understand and enhance your company’s tech needs. Some of the information contained in these plans include:

  • Budget Reviews
  • Inventory Reporting and Future Network Planning
  • Organizational Computing Requirements
  • Present and Future Business Strategies
  • User Needs and Opinions
  • Company Guidelines and Procedures
  • IT Vendor Relation Management and Support

Content Filtering

Given how much time and productivity can be wasted by allowing employees full access to the internet, OneStepAhead’s Content Filtering Solution is an extremely important tool to allow you to retain access control. Without having to enter a single web address, you can control which sites are banned to all or part of your employees. This is accomplished by the intelligent filter detecting content that has been deemed unworthy, and instantly blocking access to it, all while using only a little bit of each workstation’s resources.

Managed Server Care

Working in an office that has opted to run their own local or cloud server means having a plan in place to help with upgrades and data loss as the business grows is an extremely smart move. Using our Network Care service, you receive an amazing level of support, both on and off-site, also covered under our flat-rate policy. Our philosophy is that if we use proactive maintenance when it is needed, we can help you avoid costly downtime before it impacts your bottom line in a negative way.