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IT Support for Dental OfficesNetwork Depot has been a proud provider of exceptional IT support for dental professionals, practices, specialists and their associated partners located throughout the DC Metro area, for over 20 years. Our team of professionals has a high level of experience in offering support for the standard in medical computer systems, such as the Electronic Medical Records, or EMR suite of software and hardware. In addition, we work hand in hand with your staff to ensure that compliance with all HIPAA-HITECH standards and structures is adhered to accurately and completely.

As a Network Depot client you will receive the following high-value support and services:

By enlisting Network Depot as your provider of high-value services and support, you can look forward to such advantages as:

  • Assistance in the implementation and installation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems
  • Support of EMR systems
  • A predictable IT budget that does not change from month-to-month
  • Assessment of cloud solutions vs on-premise software and the creation of a customized IT strategy that fits your specific business needs
  • Assistance in making your office mobile with remote work options
  • Assistance in creating a plan to keep your network in compliance with HIPAA-HITECH requirements
  • Assistance in planning and creating a strategy to use technology to maximize employee productivity

Drawing from our extensive experience supporting dental offices and professionals, we have come up with specific blog posts, which we feel would provide elevated insight into IT trends and issues that deal specifically with dental IT support. In addition, we urge you to take full advantage of the additional information on our website, as well as contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Meeting HIPAA-HITECH Requirements

If your dental practice manages or uses healthcare information for any patients or individuals, strict guidelines set forth by HIPAA must be adhered to, to ensure the safety and protection of all medical and financial data. Following is an article that lays down the groundwork for both HITECH and HIPAA, including new requisites and power to audit. You will also find information on what it will cost you to remain non-compliant, as well as everything you and your dental practice will need to do in an effort to stay compliant, and avoid these nasty repercussions.

What Your Company Needs to Know about HIPAA and HITECH

Using the Cloud or a Dedicated Server

One decision common to virtually all modern businesses, and dental practices are no exception, is which is the best method to use when storing files, emails and other business paperwork. A dental office not only needs a safe and secure medium for this task, but also one that they can access without undue aggravation. The three solutions available include using a cloud server, a dedicated, in-office server or a combination of the two. Following are a few blog posts that explain in detail all the advantages and disadvantages each option possesses, vital in allowing you to make the most informed decision for your dental practice.

Will the Cloud Work for my Company’s Business Application Needs?

Will the Cloud Work for my Company’s Email Needs?

Will the Cloud Work for my Company’s File Storage Needs?

Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance to Save Thousands

Which Version of QuickBooks is Right for Your Company?

QuickBooks has long been the standard for many types of small business’ accounting needs, including many dental professionals and practices. However, it is important to note that a growing number of cloud-based entities have established themselves in recent years, providing an increasing amount of competition. This blog post goes into detail on all of the options found with QuickBooks, their competitions, and the pros and cons of using each one.

Which Quickbooks Solution Will Work Best for Your Company?

Is VOIP the Right Solution for Your Telecommunication Needs?

Even more than a reliable email service, having access to an effective telephone system is an essential part of any successful dental practice. The following post goes into detail on the two most popular options now available, the traditional Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, system, and the newer Voice Over Internet Protocol systems. In addition, you will find a complete layout of the drawbacks and advantages of using each system.

Is VOIP the Right Solution for Your Telecommunication Needs?

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading these blog posts, as well as have acquired clear and sharp insight into the different IT-related trends and solutions that apply to the world of dental medicine. Please contact Network Depot if you would like additional assistance in these or any other dental IT-related scenarios.