Top 10 Apps for Halloween

It’s Halloween!

Last year we put together this blog post about our favorite apps for the holiday, and we got such a great response from it that we knew we had to do it again. Especially since some great new apps have come out since last year!

So, to help you get in that spooky spirit, and to make sure you have a safe and fun holiday, here are some of our new favorite apps for Halloween.

The Very Hungry Pumpkin

This adorable game is fun for all ages. Guide your pumpkin through the streets and try to get as much candy as possible. But be careful not to bump into the other trick-or-treaters!

House of Shadows

This game is a little more advanced, for those of us who are more into the hide-and-seek puzzle-type games. Help lead a child out of a haunted house by solving puzzles and outsmarting ghosts and zombies who get in your way.

Make A Zombie

Piece together different heads, torsos and clothes to create you own unique zombie avatar that you can then share out with all your friends.

Pumpkin Pal

Didn’t have time to pick up a real pumpkin to carve? This app lets you carve your own pumpkin however you want. It also has cool lighting features so that you can create the perfect spooky effects.

Halloween Soundlab

Why not have a little fun with the trick-or-treaters this year? This app allows you to play all kinds of different halloween-themed sounds. Perfect if you are creating your own haunted house, or just to freak out your friends.

Creepy Tales

Even if wild parties or trick-or-treating isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday! Curl up with a blanket and listen to some scary stories with this app.

Trick Or Tracker

This is a great app that will help you manage trick-or-treating time. You can set it up so that your child’s phone will periodically send you their location, so you never have to wonder where they are.

Digital Dudz

If you are still having trouble coming up with a last-minute costume, this app will help. Coupled with special t-shirts that you can purchas at Party City, you can have a really cool, animated costume. Just buy a shirt, download the app, and then slip the phone into the t-shirt pouch, and watch your shirt come to life.


Ever wonder what you would look like as a zombie? How about your friends? Parents? Your dog? This app lets you find out. You can also add in animated features, and even record videos of you and your friends as zombies.


Like Trick or Tracker, this is another app that will help you (as a parent) keep track of where your child is. You can even set this app up to alert you when they arrive at or leave a specific location. And even those this app isn’t specifically geared towards Halloween, it will definitely be able to help you make sure you and your family is safe during the holiday.

Happy Halloween!

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