CMMC Current State Assessment

Network Depot will perform a thorough CMMC current state assessment to see where your company is in relation to where it needs to go to pass an official CMMC audit.

We will perform a gap analysis of your company’s network and security tools, processes, and procedures to identify the areas that need improvement.

Some areas that the current state assessment will focus on include:

  • Data records storage
  • Data backups and disaster recovery plans
  • Number of employees that have access to CUI and other sensitive information
  • Implementation and maintenance of security controls and measures
  • Emergency and incident response planning
  • Cyber hygiene training of employees, managers, and information systems administrators
  • Remote worker security procedures
  • Cybersecurity tools and firewalls

After performing this assessment, the Network Depot team will prepare a report explaining the results of the gap analysis, which will identify the areas that will require remediation. The gap analysis will identify risks, give an idea of the costs of remediation activities, and determine the prioritization of the steps necessary to achieve CMMC compliance.