Common Sense SLA [VIDEO]

SLA’s (or Service Level Agreements) serve as guidelines when you enter into a support contract with a company. They provide the expectations that you, as the customer, should have when you contact them for service. But at Network Depot, we don’t believe in the typical SLA guidelines that most IT support companies use. Instead, we use what we like to call “Common Sense SLA”, which is really based off of one very important measurement (the most important, in our opinion)- customer happiness.

To learn more about how Common Sense SLA works, check out this brief, under 2-minute video.

For more details about how SLA response times work, check out this blog post: SLA Response Times- and Why Network Depot Doesn’t Have Them.

What do you think about Common Sense SLA vs. regular SLA guidelines? Which one would you prefer? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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