Ensure Your Business Survives the Zombie Apocalypse

If you have been paying attention to the news in recent weeks, you may have noticed a disturbing trend developing, where several people have been caught eating human flesh. The authorities have been quick to attribute these attacks to a new synthetic stimulant known as “bath salts”. Nevertheless, these grisly cases have sparked talk on social media about an impending “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Whether or not you believe in the possibility of a zombie horde overrunning the world and bringing civilization to its knees, prudence dictates that the responsible business owner prepares for every contingency. With this in mind, let’s discuss some methods to ensure your business will continue to run smoothly, even as the majority of the populace is shambling aimlessly.

Data Protection

  • Backups should be made to a disk on-site and automatically copied to an off-site disk.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, especially if that basket is The Cloud. There is no guarantee that the internet as we know it will continue to function during a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Off-site data centers tend to be locked down tighter than Fort Knox, and will therefore likely fare well against a zombie onslaught.
  • Even if the data center is breached by the walking dead, and incurs damage causing you to lose the data stored there, you will still have your data backed up locally.

Precautionary Measures

  • Use disk protection technology such as RAID to protect against data loss.
  • There are many types of RAIDs, but suffice to say, they work so that in the event one hard drive goes bad, the data will be stored on another hard drive in the array, so that you can continue working seamlessly.
    Remember to stock up on hard drives now, as a trip to the local Best Buy will become slightly more problematic once droves of flesh eating zombies are roaming the streets.
  • Use surge protectors! This may seem obvious, but protecting your delicate electronic equipment from power surges becomes even more important when these components can no longer be easily replaced.
  • Invest in a high quality backup generator and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for your systems to ensure they can keep running in the event of a power failure. Remember, power failures will become more likely if the employees at the power plant start craving brains!
  • Finally, even during the Zombie Apocalypse, if the internet is still functional, there will be malicious code floating around it. The last thing you need is for your systems to be rendered inoperable by a virus, and so investing in a quality Anti-Virus program and Firewall is absolutely necessary.

Follow these guidelines, and your business will survive a Zombie Apocalypse. When the last zombie is killed and humanity rises from the destruction, you will emerge as a brilliant business owner, whose company managed to thrive during history’s darkest hour.

Remember, when the zombies come for your business, you either use your brains or you lose your brains.

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