How Mobile Device Management Can Help Your Small Business

Successful female using Mobile Device ManagementAs remote working models become more prevalent for small businesses, there is a growing need for organizations to focus on managing employee mobile devices. A methodology known as mobile device management (MDM) is key to accomplishing this goal.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management is a proven methodology and toolset that businesses can use to equip a workforce with mobile devices, tools, and applications to accomplish their objectives more effectively. Another main goal of MDM is to keep all devices and data secure while helping employees be more productive.

Why is MDM needed at your small business?

The main reason MDM is needed is because your IT team or partner would not be able to monitor, manage, and secure the wide range of mobile devices used at your business without it. The use of mobile devices for work continues to grow as demonstrated in a study by C Solutions IT. They found that mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are now responsible for about 80% of the workload at a typical small business.

The main reason for the growth in mobile device usage is the rapid increase in remote work methods ranging from fully remote to the popular hybrid model. Industry experts note that hybrid work models have grown from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024.

MDM enables employees to work productively and securely on remote endpoints as well as on their own devices where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is allowed.

How does MDM Work?

Close up of a man using Mobile Device ManagementMDM uses an MDM server in the cloud and an MDM agent powered by endpoint software. Your IT resources configure policies on the MDM server’s management console, which then conveys them to the MDM agent on each endpoint device. Similar to remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions, your IT partner will use the MDM agent on each device to connect, control, and communicate across all mobile devices in the company network.

What are the Main Benefits of MDM?

Comprehensive mobile device tracking

MDM enables an IT team to monitor, update, and repair all company mobile devices in real-time. They can also monitor device compliance and remotely lock or disable any devices that are lost or stolen. MDM solutions are scalable making the growth of a remote workforce more manageable.

Enhanced identity access management

Identity access management (IAM) is crucial for every small business. MDM enhances IAM and allows managers to track which employee is assigned to each mobile device. IT security managers can use MDM to regulate each user’s security requirements on their devices such as multifactor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), and they can standardize role-based access.

More secure BYOD

There are some employees that prefer to use their own devices on work assignments, and some companies permit this. Although it does have some benefits such as reduced equipment costs and improved employee morale, BYOD requires strict oversight because of the increased cybersecurity risk of private devices. MDM provides companies with the tools to keep employees using BYOD productive and secure.

Improved application security

Company managers can use MDM to regulate the use of applications. For example, MDM security features can determine the security requirements for opening an application. MDM solutions are also able to regulate which apps can be shared, copied, and stored on user devices.

Superior content management, communication, and task automation

Man with a finger on the screen using Mobile Device ManagementMDM enables company leaders to distribute diverse content easily and securely across all types of work environments. MDM tools ensure smooth communication on mobile devices for remote workforces located around the world. MDM also helps managers reduce manual workloads for employees and automate menial and routine tasks.

Faster tech support

Through MDM’s constant monitoring and updating, IT issues are quickly detected and device downtime is minimized. Your IT team can use MDM to help prevent issues before they emerge and quickly resolve any problems that occur.

Elite endpoint and data security

MDM ensures that all mobile device endpoints are protected at an elite level. In addition, MDM will protect the sensitive data contained on mobile devices from theft and corruption.

Consult with an IT Support Expert on MDM

With an upward trend toward more remote workers as well as more sensitive data living on mobile devices, it makes sense for your company to embrace robust mobile data management at your organization. We strongly recommend that your management team consult with an IT Support expert, like Network Depot, experienced in implementing MDM platforms.

A trusted IT partner will take the time to assess your unique business and then recommend and execute the MDM policies and tools necessary for continued success. Your IT partner will be with you every step of the way making MDM work effectively at your company.

With a good understanding of the benefits of MDM and the assistance of a reliable IT Support partner, your organization will be well prepared to meet its unique objectives.

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