How to Keep your Laptop and Mobile Devices Cool

The first official heat wave of summer in the Mid-Atlantic is upon us. This is when many Laptops, iPhones, Androids, and iPads die untimely heat related deaths. People forget that mobile devices are mini computers and are vulnerable to heat just like their bigger PC brothers.

Let’s review some tips for keeping them cool.

Tips for Keeping your iPhone, Android and iPad Cool:

iPhones, iPads, and Androids lack the fans and vents that help keep laptops cool. They dissipate heat organically. They tend to accumulate heat at the rear of the device and overheat easily when exposed to extreme heat and restrictive environments.

iPhones, iPads, and Androids primarily overheat from three causes:

  • Thick Cases: While cell phone and iPad cases look cool, they restrict heat dissipation, especially when coupled with carrying the device in your pocket or a bag. On hot days, taking the case off can help keep them cool.
  • Leaving it in the Hot Car: I am guilty of this one. I run into the gym and stuff my Android in my glovebox, throw my MacBook in the trunk, or put my iPad under the seat. This is a death knell for electronic devices. Take it with you and keep it in a cool place on hot days.
  • Exposing it to Direct Sunlight: While less likely to overheat a device from laying it on your window sill, they can overheat when left in direct sunlight, especially on hot days while in cases. Keep it out of the direct sunlight.

Tips for Keeping your MacBook and Laptop Cool:

The same rules apply for laptops and MacBooks as phones and tablets- cases, hot cars, and direct sunlight are all harmful. There are several other factors that can make a laptop overheat. These include:

  • Leaving it Powered On in a Bag: We all do it. We close the lid on our MacBooks and laptops, stuff it in a bag, and toss it in the car trunk or backseat. It’s important to remember that, while the lid is closed, the device is still on. Electronic components inside the laptop are still minimally active and accumulating heat. Closing the lid and letting it hibernate is fine when you are at home, but if you are transporting your MacBook or laptop, power it down completely first.
  • Not Letting it Breathe: What’s our favorite place for laptop time? Of course it’s in bed or on the couch. Question number two- what’s our favorite laptop stand when in bed or on the couch? It’s a pillow of course. Laptops need to breathe to stay cool. Most have fans and vents located on the bottom and rear of the case. When you sit it on a pillow, it cannot breathe. This causes overheating.
  • Dust: Laptops accumulate dust around fan vents. When the vents fill with dust, it is more prone to overheating. Every couple of months, it’s a good idea to use a can of compressed air to blow the dust out.
    Remember, your laptops and mobile devices need as much protection from the sun as you do. Maybe more, since they haven’t developed sunscreen for laptops yet.

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