NeuShield Data Sentinel Provides New Level of Backup Protection

The threat from ransomware and other cyberattacks continues to plague businesses of all sizes, so it is important to learn about and utilize any innovative new solution that will offer enhanced protection against this danger. The company NeuShield is offering a tool called Data Sentinel that promises to bring your cybersecurity to a higher level.

The Ransomware Threat

Any regular reader of this and other IT-related blogs is well-aware of the threat of ransomware and the significant damage it has brought about in recent years.

Ransomware is generally found in two different types. The first, simpler form is called Locker-Ransomware, which locks users out of their devices and disables the user interface. The second, more advanced form is called Crypto-Ransomware, which encrypts files, folders, and hard drives. Some of the more common ransomware variants include: CryptoLocker, Locky, and Cryptowall.

Ransomware gains access to systems most frequently through phishing attacks on employees with unsolicited emails, links, attachments, and offers that appear to give the user great deals or valuable information. Once the ransomware gains access to the system it will immediately attempt to lock out the user or encrypt anything it deems vital to the user. For example, Locker-Ransomware versions will take control of all aspects of a company’s website and then display a message on the website demanding a specific ransom be paid before restoring control back to the company. Crypto-Ransomware versions normally search out important data files and encrypt them until the ransom is paid.

The ransomware hacker typically demands a ransom of money or Bitcoins to allow access to data or to provide the decryption key to the victim. Many companies have decided to simply pay the ransom (although the amounts demanded continue to trend upwards), which usually results in regaining access to their data. However, in a worst case scenario, sometimes the cybercriminals keep the data even after the ransom has been paid.

One of the most devastating ransomware attacks known as WannaCry affected users and businesses of all sizes with more than 300,000 affected devices in at least 150 countries. Most experts believe even worse attacks will follow as hackers become more skilled at developing new forms of ransomware, such as SamSam, and other viruses. In addition, many new forms are being developed and implemented, which cannot be detected by traditional anti-virus tools.

NeuShield Data Sentinel’s Unique Approach

Although traditional backup protection is effective in dealing with successful ransomware and other cyberattacks, Neushield Data Sentinel protects your company’s files using a different method that guarantees no downtime or additional system data usage.

Traditional backup methods create new backup copies of your files, which can increase disk usage and affect system and IT asset performance. Data Sentinel uses an innovative technology called “Mirror Shielding,” which preserves the original data files without requiring a backup file. Bad actors attempting to install ransomware will actually only be trying to corrupt mirror images of your files, which can then be harmlessly deleted. Mirror shielding creates a protective shield between your files and applications, so that when ransomware or other applications attempt to make changes, your original files remain intact and accessible in their desired state.

Data Sentinel also offers “One-Click Restore,” which allows the user to restore operating system files and settings back to a known good state. This enables the user to immediately regain access to their device and network in a previous safe state, which is also called reverting. This feature also removes all known and unknown malware.

In addition, Data Sentinel provides boot and disk protection for even more security and cloud drive protection that allows destroyed or corrupted data to be recovered quickly without an Internet connection. All of these powerful services are carried out with virtually no CPU memory or disk overhead and can be accessed and executed remotely with ease.

Work with an IT Support Expert to Install Data Sentinel

There’s no substitute for experience and expertise when it comes to IT security. We recommend you use a reliable IT Support provider, such as Network Depot, to assess your network and IT assets in terms of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Your trusted IT partner will work closely with you to install and implement the relevant features from NeuShield Data Sentinel and other necessary cybersecurity measures.

With the assistance of a skilled IT partner, your organization will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you are well-protected against cybercriminals, and you will be able to keep your focus on fulfilling your unique mission.

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