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The Network Depot Difference

Customer Service First

Our philosophy is simple. We are a customer service organization that happens to do IT support.

No Help Desk Tiers

Nothing is more frustrating than calling for support only to deal with a junior, tier one technician, that can’t solve your problem. Staff: Keeping consistent and competent staff is important to providing great service. We hire only tier two and tier three technicians who pass a strict technical competency test. We also place a high value on retaining competent technicians. Consistency in our staff, means better customer satisfaction.

95% Client Retention Rate

The average IT managed services provider only retains 63% of clients over a two-year period. Our two-year client retention rate is over 95%. In fact, our five-year retention rate is over 90% – unheard of in our industry.

No More Nickel and Diming

Our all-inclusive plans are truly all-inclusive; onsite support, remote support, afterhours support, backups, consultation, it is all included. If it is a part of your existing network, we take care of it.

Common Sense SLA

We take a common sense approach SLAs. If you say it is an emergency, it is an emergency in our book. For example, under most SLAs, a printer outage is considered a non-urgent issue. But, if you have the most important presentation of your life due in thirty minutes, you probably think it is an emergency and we do too.

C-Level Technical Consulting

You will have unlimited access to your Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for expert consulting and IT advice.

Proactive Approach

Rather than simply fixing problems as they arise, we look deeper into them. Is there a larger unseen problem looming on your network causing the small nuisances? If so, we will find out and fix it, not put a temporary band aid solution on it.

All Inclusive Approach

When we say all-inclusive, we mean all-inclusive. We are there to help in all areas of IT. Even if that means making a phone call to a third party vendor on your behalf or helping you change the color of the font in Word. No Onboarding Fees: Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge onboarding fees. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra to become our client.

No Pressure Sales Promise

We take a unique approach to our initial client meetings. There will be no pressure to buy from us. In fact, more than half the customers we meet with never buy a thing, and that’s okay. We want to make sure the fit is right for both of us. No matter what, everyone we meet walks away saying they have gained valuable insight on how to improve their technology and their business.

What we will discuss in our initial meeting

  • How your competitors are using technology in their businesses.
  • Ideas that will make your business more profitable through the use of technology.
  • Strategies that will save your business money and improve efficiency with technology.
  • Ways to improve your network and fix ongoing problems.
  • How we handle support and why our way is different and better.
  • We’ll review your network and discuss any ongoing problems you have.

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