Security Alert: The Tax Scam Email

Tax season may have just recently started, but already the email scams are in full swing. We wanted to alert you about an email we recently received that is actually spam.

This email appears to be from, but in reality is a fake. It is a very well-done email- the header, design, logos, etc. all match up perfectly with TurboTax. Even when you hover over the link it does say it links you to

So how do you tell this spam email from the real thing? There are a couple of different clues. First, if the email comes with an attachment, it is probably spam. When TurboTax rejects your returns, you need to log back in to your TurboTax account in order to access them, they don’t send an attachment.

Second, you can see in the first line it says the supposed number of your personal return. You can check this number against your actual return. If it is spam, it won’t match up.

Those are two easy ways for you to determine whether or not it is a real email or spam. And of course, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, or don’t use, you will know immediately that it is the spam email.

However, if you are still not sure, you can always call up your tech support. They can check on the source of the email and let you know whether or not it is real or spam.

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