True or False? Tech Myths Revealed Part 2

After the success of last week’s blog post revealing the truth about popular tech rumors, we got a number of requests to expand that list, and expose more tech myths for what they are. So here are more tech myths revealed:

1) Having anti-virus software on my computer means I won’t ever get a virus.


Anti-virus protection is essential. It helps protect your computer from known threats to your system, and helps you clean the system on the off-chance you do get a virus. The trouble is though, people with anti-virus protection sometimes get too confident. “Well, I can go to any website I want, or download anything I want. The anti-virus protection on my computer will stop all threats.” That’s not true. Anti-virus protection is not 100% bullet-proof. If you do have anti-virus protection and you still get a virus, 99.9% of the time it will be your own fault. You need to educate yourself on how to identify and avoid dangerous websites and downloads. We have this great e-book that will teach you how to be a safe internet surfer.

2) Apple devices only work with other Apple devices.


A number of years ago, this pretty much rang true. Apple specifically designed their devices in a way that was unique when compared to other companies, such as Microsoft. If you wanted to use a non-Apple made device with your Mac computer, 9 times out of 10 that would require the purchase of some kind of adapter (made by Apple) and even then it didn’t always work the way you wanted it to.

These days, although Apple still makes a huge amount of products with the idea in mind that if someone is an Apple consumer they should be an Apple consumer for everything, they have expanded their mindset. It is not nearly as difficult to get multiple devices to work together, even if they are not all made by Apple. However, they still remain an exclusive brand, which is why if you are thinking about switching to a Mac computer, don’t forget to factor in the cost of the new software (ex. You have to specifically buy “Microsoft Office for Mac”).

3) When I buy a new computer, I can transfer all my software from my old one just like documents. I won’t need to re-install the software on the new machine.


Have you ever been told that you need to keep your software disks in a safe place after you install the software on your computer? Well, the people who told you this were not thinking you would use them as windchimes one day. They told you this because when you decide it’s time to get a new computer, if you don’t have those disks you will have to buy the software again. And let’s face it, software is not cheap (Microsoft Office suites easily sell for at least $150, and that’s not even the professional version). When you get a new computer, you need to re-install the software (keep the license keys that come with them, that’s the most important part!) and then you will be able to transfer all your data from the old computer without a problem.

4) A magnet can erase your hard drive.


Well okay, this is true, but only if you’re talking about one of the industrial strength, high-end, super-powered magnets that do things like pick up cars. An ordinary refrigerator magnet won’t be able to erase your data. This doesn’t mean you should put 5 magnets on your hard drive to see what happens, but it also means you don’t have to be scared about bringing your computer into the kitchen.

5) Keeping my laptop on a pillow when I use it is bad for it.


I don’t know about you, but one of the places I like to sit with my laptop is on the couch in front of the TV, with my laptop on my lap. There are those occasions though when the laptop gets really hot on the bottom, and I don’t want it on my lap anymore. But wait! Brilliant idea! Put it on a pillow on my lap! It keeps my lap cool and I don’t have to move.

Wait…this is not actually a brilliant idea. When your laptop gets really hot on the bottom, that means its working really hard, and it’s not able to cool off properly. This means there is a very real chance of my laptop overheating-a.k.a. literally frying the hard drive. But, if you’re like me, you don’t want to give up your favorite seat on the couch. To solve this problem I recommend getting a lapdesk with built-in cooling fans for your laptop. These days you can find them anywhere, so be sure to check your local Target and Best Buy.

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