TechSoup is Essential for the Nonprofit Soul!

All companies need to maintain strict budgets when it comes to their IT needs, but nonprofits normally face even tighter spending constraints. An organization called TechSoup can offer a much-needed helping hand to nonprofits in overcoming IT cost issues. Network Depot provides IT support for many nonprofit organizations and associations and can provide valuable advice on the importance of TechSoup.

Since 2002, TechSoup has been a great IT resource for nonprofit organizations, charities, faith-based organizations, and public libraries in the United States. TechSoup also leads the TechSoup Global Network, a worldwide organization of civil society development partners who have donated more than $5 billion in technology, tools, and philanthropic services to well over 690,000 worthy nonprofits around the globe.

In the US, TechSoup offers nonprofit members the ability to utilize donated IT products at a fraction of their normal cost.  TechSoup’s donor partners have already donated hardware and software to more than 300,000 organizations that have used the products to improve their operations. One of the most popular programs members use is the Microsoft Software Donation Program, which includes all the latest versions of the most widely-used Microsoft software. This program and other discount programs are limited to 501 (C) (3) organizations.

TechSoup also provides its 501 (C) (3) members discounted access to the Cloud through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Grant Credits Program for Nonprofits. This program offers $2,000 in service credits toward usage fees for up to three AWS Cloud services (Workmail, WorkDocs, and WorkSpaces) and toward specific AWS support fees. These credits are valid for 12 months. AWS is also offering TechSoup members access to the AWS Free Tier for up to 12 months. This program allows new customers to use certain AWS services separate from the grant program for free up to proscribed usage limits.

In addition, for all its members, TechSoup provides useful training webinars, community resources, articles, and blogs. This information helps nonprofit organizations more effectively use and structure their IT resources. TechSoup also fosters greater collaboration within its nonprofit community of members.

It’s a relatively simple process to become a member of TechSoup. Just go to their website at and input some basic company and contact information to become a member. Membership gives you access to all the valuable information described above. If you are a 501 (C) (3) organization, you can then register to become an Associate. Once you become an Associate your organization is eligible to request and receive IT hardware and software donations. Network Depot will be happy to assist you in the process of becoming a member and Associate at TechSoup so that your organization can start enjoying your membership benefits.

 Any nonprofit organization should contact Network Depot to receive a consultation on the many valuable ways TechSoup can cost-effectively improve their IT activities and overall mission.

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