The Benefits of Outsourcing IT [VIDEO]

Welcome to Penelope’s Packing, a small company that needs help managing their IT. They try out three different scenarios; Joe, the accountant who knows a little about computers, Mark, the pay-by-the-hour support, and Bill, the full-time, in-house, experienced technician.

Will any of these scenarios work for the employees at Penelope’s Packing? Who can they turn to next? Watch the 2-minute video to find out!

Joe is also the company accountant. He can’t handle doing two jobs at the same time. Not only does his productivity suffer, but his colleagues’ productivity suffers too.

Mark is only one guy, and while he is smart he doesn’t know everything. He tends to take a long time fixing problems, and since he is paid by the hour, he has no desire to hurry up.

Bill is very experienced so it costs a lot of money to hire him as a full-time employee. But those aren’t the only things the company will have to pay for. They will also have to pay for new hardware and software, outsourcing big IT projects, etc. And when Bill takes his 2-3 week vacation every year, there is no one to fix all the IT issues.

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