Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Halloween

Break out the candy corn, fake blood, and zombie masks, Halloween is right around the corner.

What is one of the most fun holidays can also be the busiest. Parties to plan, costumes to make, decorations to buy…oh and don’t forget that you don’t actually get time off of work to do all of this.

But we live in a digital, mobile age, and that means one thing- there’s an app for that!

In fact, there are a huge number of halloween related apps for both iPhone and Android devices. So many that it can seem overwhelming. So we’ve gone ahead and picked out the top 10 apps that will help make this halloween easier and spookier than ever!

iPhone Apps

Halloween Card Creator

Price: Free

This app lets you create fun and spooky e-cards that you can send out to your friends and family. Use it for party invitations, or just to say a scary “hi”! Click here for more information.

True Ghost Stories from Around the World

Price: $0.99

After the trick-or-treating is over and everyone is busy eating way too much candy it’s time to break out the ghost stories. And what could be scarier than ghost stories that actually happened to people? This app has true stories from around the world of people who have had spooky supernatural experiences. Click here for more information.

Free Halloween Sounds Pro

Price: Free

Setting up a haunted house? Want to scare the trick or treaters when they come to your door? This app will help. You can mix and match spooky sounds and even add a delay so you can leave your phone in a room and walk away, making sure no one knows it was you. Click here for more information.

iLumination US- Universal Flashlight

Price: Free

Whether you are taking your kids out trick-or-treating, or making your way through a haunted corn maze, having a flashlight can be really helpful. Especially when it is on your phone and not some big clunky thing you need to carry around with you. Just make sure you have a fully charged phone battery! Click here for more information.

Halloween 13 Trick or Treats

Price: Free

Having trouble getting into the spooky holiday mood? This app is full of spooky sounds and scary surprises to help keep you in the Halloween spirit. Click here for more information.

Droid Apps

Ghost Camera Pro

Price: $2.99

You don’t need Photoshop to spice up your party pictures anymore. This app will let you superimpose ghosts onto existing pictures. It might be a little expensive, but think of how much fun your kid will have showing off a picture of trick-or-treating with a ghost, or how you can freak out your friends who drank a little too much cider at the haunted hayride.

Halloween Party Pack

Price: $1.00

Need some music to get you in the mood? How about a great soundtrack for your party? This app provides you with a number of classic Halloween songs. And paying $1.00 for this app is much cheaper then downloading each song off of iTunes at $.99 a pop.

TrickorTracker Child Location

Price: $4.99

So what good is all of this technology if it can’t keep track of your kid while you’re trick-or-treating? Good news, it can! This app offers a tracking utility for both phones so that parents are constantly updates on where their kids are. It might be a bit expensive, but considering how many people will be roaming the streets, it is definitely worth it. To learn more about this app, click here.

Zombies Live/Vampires Live

Price: Free

If you’re in the mood for some spooky-inspired games, try out these. The basic idea is pretty simple for both. Work your way up in the world by doing what you do best, be it with blood or brains.


Price: Free

Droid users don’t have to be jealous of the Ghost Photo iPhone app. With the GhostCam, you can overlay different ghostly images on your pictures to make for one spooky story.

These aren’t the only apps available for Halloween, just a quick list of some of our favorites. Doing a quick internet search will reveal hundreds of different apps for both iPhone and Droid users alike. So if you are interested in seeing what else is out there, from zombie games to classic haunted house music, make sure you block off enough time to go through all the search results.

Wishing you a spooky, scary, fun-filled time- Happy Halloween!

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