We Are More Than Just Our Blog

One of the goals of this blog is to make sure we are providing as much helpful information to you, our subscribers, as possible. And, since we primarily serve small and medium-sized businesses in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro areas, we try to make sure we provide you with information and advice about topics that are relevant to you, like IT (of course), business, customer service, etc.

The thing is though, our blog isn’t the only way that we do this. In fact, throughout our website there are a lot of different places that offer some great resources that are very helpful for small and medium-sized businesses. So, in the spirit of the mission of this blog, I wanted to take some time and tell you about them.

Of course we have our IT services pages, where we have breakdowns of the different types of services and support programs we have available. This is also where you are going to find our Product Sales section. Did you know that we have an entire department of product sales? It’s true! We partner directly with vendors so that we can bring you the equipment you need.

I want to point out some new pages on our website that you may not have had a chance to look at yet.

First, under the “About Us” section you will find our Community Involvement page. We are involved with a number of different non-profit and charitable organizations, and this is where you can find details about all of them, as well as links to how you can get involved. We have Buddy Ball, where disabled children are paired up with student volunteers to play baseball; EVCO, where you can donate your old computer equipment to help build up technology centers for rural villages in third-world countries; Cancer Can Rock, where people who are diagnosed with terminal cancer are given the opportunity to produce and publish their music; and Kev’s Hope, which provides personalized care cards and care packages to people and families dealing with serious illnesses (fun fact: Kev’s Hope was actually founded by the spouse of a member of the Network Depot team!). We are really proud to support all of these wonderful organizations that are so dedicated to helping others.

Within the same section is also where you will find our Testimonials page. Not only can you read what other people are saying about us, but you can actually leave us a testimonial, right on the webpage!

Next, we have a new Resource Center up on our website, which is where you can find some great materials. We have some helpful E-books that will teach you how to surf the internet safely, or guide you through the process of buying a new computer, and much more. We also have great How-To videos that show you how to perform various computer tasks. And, we have a section for Windows 7 how-to videos, and a section for Windows 8. Our resource center is also where you will find Case Studies and Webinars. Learn about projects we have performed for our clients, and how we helped them move their business forward, or watch a previous webinar and learn all about a topic like Disaster Recovery. We also have a section here called “Videos” where you can watch some brief animated videos we have put together to help explain more about what we do, and why we do it.

At Network Depot, our goals are pretty simple- we want to help your company succeed. We want to provide you with great quality customer service and unparalleled IT support. So, we make sure that every aspect of our business reflects this, from the way we install a server, to the way we answer the phones, to every page up on our website- not just the blog.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the other great materials we have available for you. Any thoughts or feedback about our website? We’d love to hear it, just leave a comment on this blog post and let us know!

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