Detection & Response

a firewall button on a keyboard to represent cyber breach detection and response servicesA secondary line of defense against cybercriminals includes comprehensive network monitoring and the prompt detection of any suspicious behavior as well as a significant response involving the rapid containment of any breach and expulsion of unwanted visitors.

Using our house analogy, we can think of these monitoring tools as security cameras, guard dogs, and alarms keeping watch over your residence and immediately alerting you to any suspicious activity. These tools also limit the damage of any initial breach by quickly alerting you and the proper responding authorities.

To best achieve these goals, we recommend your company utilize Antivirus/Antimalware Solutions, Managed Hardware Firewalls, Security Operations Center (SOC) Network Monitoring, and Dark Web Monitoring.

Antivirus/Antimalware Solutions

These tools act as both a preventative wall as well as a detection and response service as they automatically block a wide range of attempted breaches and also provide alerts and recommendations to address new types of attacks.

Firewall Management

Hardware firewalls are essential tools that will continuously work to keep malicious invaders from hacking your system and stealing sensitive information. The value of effective hardware firewalls is similar to insurance; it gives your company peace of mind knowing that you are constantly and comprehensively protected.

An important benefit is that a managed hardware firewall device will protect the entire network without needing trained responses from your users. In addition, add-ons and upgrades are easily obtained as your business security needs expand.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Network Monitoring

This service provides 24×7 monitoring of your network and devices to detect hacker infiltration and intrusion. These valuable tools are constantly on alert and notify you of any suspected intrusion attempt. They also work to limit the amount of time a hacker has access to your site by immediately alerting you to their presence and recommending actions to repel them or to contain any attempted infection.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring services will make your company aware of when cybercriminals have successfully accessed your network and are attempting to sell your sensitive information on the Dark Web.

An effective Dark Web Monitoring service will continuously search through thousands of websites and millions of other data points found on the Dark Web to ensure that your company’s identity and sensitive information have not been compromised. These tools will quickly inform you of any suspicious results and offer recommendations on how to best deal with these problems.

If you would like to discuss these and other cybersecurity measures, please contact us at your convenience for a free consultation.

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