In the Event of an Infection

a cyber attack that a cybersecurity team is attempting to destroyA crucial part of your small business’ cybersecurity defenses is having another layer of protection that gives you the ability to lessen the impact of any breach as well as the tools to immediately restore and restart your operations. These crucial security options make up a formidable part of an overall defense against cybercriminals that is vital for your small business.

The Cybersecurity Insurance services and Backups described below will work to limit the damage to your organization in the unlikely event of a successful data breach. The Backup options will make it possible to quickly restore your company’s operations and reduce costly downtime.

Returning to our house image representing your company’s protected network, we can think of these deep protective layers as an impregnable safe room located within your home. If the formidable first and second lines of defense are breached, your assets will still be safe and easily reproducible from within an unbreachable inner stronghold. This layer of protection is similar to repairing damage to your doors or windows or unceremoniously ejecting intruders from your residence. Finally, if the residence’s structure is compromised in any significant way, the security forces within the safe room will have the ability to quickly rebuild part or all of it.

Using these services, your sensitive assets will remain safe while any issues are quickly rectified, and your first- and second-line defenses are fully restored. In the worst-case scenario of a successful breach that can’t be limited or overcome, your company will quickly be able to restore and restart your operations using the information stored in your backups to ensure that costly downtime is limited.

Cybersecurity Insurance

If there is a successful network breach, cybersecurity insurance will provide comprehensive financial and legal protection for your small business. This service protects your company by covering a good-sized payment amount (up to $10,000) to meet any ransomware requests. In some cases, the cost of reaching a small settlement is far less than updating or upgrading compromised IT assets, and this insurance will comfortably cover this cost. In addition, it is sometimes necessary for small companies in certain industries to have cybersecurity insurance in order to fulfill compliance requirements.

Cloud Backups

a small business performing a cloud backupIn the worst-case scenario, where a cybercriminal or disgruntled employee has compromised your network at a deeper level and is either not willing to negotiate or is demanding too high of a payment to resolve the issue, cloud backups will provide the ultimate measure of security. In addition, some small businesses may simply not want to negotiate with a bad actor. Because of their powerful ability to ameliorate these difficult situations, cloud backups should be an integral part of your company’s cybersecurity plan.

Cloud Backups for Workstations

The first critical area where cloud backups are needed is for your company’s workstations and laptops. This service utilizes the cloud to provide a secure backup of all your company’s documents found on your workstations and laptops, which might not be stored in your company’s designated file storage. Many companies have issues keeping track of the various types of data found on individual workstations versus what might be stored on a company’s shared drives. These cloud backup services will ensure that all your organization’s data that is located on your employee’s various devices is also conveniently stored and accessible in the cloud.

Cloud Backups for Cloud Environments

One important issue that many small companies don’t realize is that Microsoft and other cloud providers offer little to no guarantees that your email and files are being backed up with their cloud services. The number of applications, files, and emails a typical small business operates in a cloud environment is staggering to consider. The amount of sensitive company and client information flowing through this environment is equally impressive, which makes the idea of it not being backed up properly quite alarming. The cloud backup for cloud environments service guarantees that there is a secondary copy of all information in Office 365 or in similar programs in case of a hack, ransomware attack, or any other devastating event.

Using these cloud backup services, your company can rest easy knowing that your company’s network is reliably and regularly backed-up in a safe environment and can be easily restored in the event of any data breach or other harmful incident. A crucial part of these backup services value is that they will enable your small company to limit the amount of costly downtime in the event of a successful cyberattack.

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