Our Favorite Apps for the Winter Holidays

It’s the holiday season! Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s…they never seem to end. Weeks fly by as people struggle to cram as much as they can into each 24-hour day. Between shopping, party planning, cooking, travel, and kids being home from school, it’s a wonder anyone finds the time for a full night’s sleep.

But, we do live in a wonderful age of technology where practically anything can be accomplished from anywhere because (seriously, all together now).. “THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT”!

So, in keeping with our “Apps for the holidays” series that we seem to have going on, here is a list of our favorite apps for the winter holiday season.

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1. Google Shopper

Price: Free

Shopping has literally made it to the palm of your hand. This free app from Google allows you to shop like never before. You can get special daily deals, find local stores that carry what you’re looking for, scan the bar codes for items to find the cheapest prices, save lists and favorites, share and post to your social media accounts…and more! A perfect app to help you shop smarter, faster, and better. Click here for more information about the app.

2. Chai on Chanukah

Price: Free

This is practically the all-in-one app for the Hannukah holiday. It has the story of Hannukah complete with great pictures to keep your kids interested, a menorah with a customizable background, great games for the family to play together, and even a section to help you teach the prayers. Click here for more information about the app.

3. The Christmas List

Price: $0.99

Forget checking your list twice. Or 3 times. Or ten. This app is designed to make your Christmas/Holiday shopping organized and efficient. There is email support, address book integration, and even a place to keep track of what you bought previous years so you don’t end up giving your Aunt the same scarf two years in a row. This app will also keep track of your budget for you so you can make sure you don’t go overboard on your holiday shopping sprees. And the easy-to-use navigation helps keep you organized at a glance. Click here for more information about this app.

4. Kwanzaa

Price: Free

Having trouble explaining Kwanzaa to your friends? Tell them to download this app. Not only does it contain so much information about what this holiday means and how to celebrate it, it also has some great features for people already familiar with the holiday. It provides you with daily affirmations that help inspire you to celebrate the 7 daily principles. So inspirational, you’ll probably find yourself using this app all year round!Click here for more information about this app.

5. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

Price: Free

Who doesn’t love walking into a house and having it smell like vanilla, cinammon, and chocolate? This app comes with a huge assortment of recipes for great holiday baking. It also includes how-to video tutorials and shopping lists. It’s only free for a limited time though, so download it soon! Click here for more information about this app.

6. Santa Claus Tracker

Price: $1.99

Great app for kids and parents alike! You can countdown the days until Christmas with daily updates from Santa and his elves, and then track his route on Christmas Eve. Follow him as he delivers presents all over the world. Also a great way to get your kids to go to sleep- show them how close he is and remind them that he can’t come unless they are asleep! Click here to learn more about this app.

7. Super Dance Elf Christmas With Friends

Price: $0.99

We couldn’t resist adding this one to our list. Use photos to turn your friends and family members into dancing elves and reindeer, make them into videos, and send them out to the world! A great app to help get you and everyone else into the holiday spirit. Click here to learn more about this app.

Being one of the most popular holiday times during the entire year, there are an incredible number of apps out there to help you celebrate the holidays. What are some of your favorite holiday apps? What are some apps you want to see? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

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